Wednesday, 24 April 2013


Action may not always bring happiness, but there is no happiness without action.
-William James

I am here to help those who are ready to do anything to lead a SUCCESSFUL life but don't know what to do. I could not be of any help to those who aren't ready to pay for their purchase. 'Doing' makes a huge difference between successful and others.

Let me tell you a story from my childhood memories of a sage who had an apple and a pineapple in his loosely sewn handmade cotton bag. By eating apple, you could be successful and eating pineapple could tell you everything about success but eating one could make the other disappear. But, I am sorry to say I do not have any pineapples now to offer you for sake of choice.

There is no way to replace action with knowledge. Knowledge is worthless without actualization. Any hypothesis must pass the litmus of action to become theory. In scientific community, an experiment is conducted first and on the basis of its observations, a theory is proposed to explain the observations revealed in the quest. Stephen Hawking in his book 'A Brief History of Time' stated "a theory is just a model and a set of rules that relate quantities in the model to observations that we make. It exists only in our minds and does not have any other reality (whatever that might mean)". 

The outcome of an experiment may propose a number of theories to satisfy the reasons behind the outcome but in spite of all these, one thing is definite that the exact replica of procedures followed in the experiment everytime will give the same outcome. So whenever I get the opportunity to choose between apple and pineapple I always opt for apple and hence, I can say very little about being successful- only one statement that 'Being Successful is a state of mind' but I can prescribe the procedure upon following one could feel the state of mind which I refer to as being successful or blissful living.

Wake up early in the morning before sunrise take a long walk untill you start sweating. After the morning walk over stand naked beneath the running shower in your bathroom and feel that come across your senses whether it is the sound of water coming from the shower, water striking your body, water striking the ground after trailing all over your body or sensation of water all over your skin or anything that you encounter while standing there. 

By starting the day with this state of mind you'll surely able to distinguish that day with any day that you lived earlier.

An inactive man can never be successful whatsoever may be the reason of his inactivity; laziness or attaining knowledge. Surely no one can remain inactive even for a moment; everyone is helplessly driven to action according to nature of the person.
Bhagwad Geeta (Chapter III verses 4 & 5)

My next blog will be about nature of successful person.


  1. So True ! And so simple!
    Perhaps that's why so hard.... :)

    1. Yes, simplicity is the highest sophistication :)