Why this blog

This blog is started with the intention to share the meaning of 'Being Successful' as blissful living and the practical ways to approach it. The author, Ravish Mani, during rendering his duties as director of the few companies and helping humankind by associating with NGOs found that chasing desire is like a mirage, success is a way of living and being successful is a state of mind- the state of bliss which is independent of fulfilling desires. He believes that there is a difference between achieving success and living success. He felt an urge to share his experiences and point of view to save others from trapping in the mirage of desire in quest of success and, moreover, the ways followed by him so far which helped him in having glimpses of real success. 

Thanks for stopping by. I would be grateful to help in any manner in your journey to success.

I would like to end by one of the favourite quotes of mine.

It is enough that I should be my own follower. I know what an inadequate follower I am of myself.    
-Mahatma Gandhi.