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Being Successful- An Insight

The wave and particle pictures, or the visual and causal representations, are "complementary" to each other. That is, they are mutually exclusive, yet jointly essential for a complete description of quantum events. The wave function of the unobserved object is a mixture of both the wave and particle pictures until the experimenter chooses what to observe in a given experiment.
-Neils Bohr

Good and bad can be treated as the visual and causal representations that are complementary to each other. An unobserved event is a mixture of good and bad until one chooses what to find out. They are like two poles of magnet which cannot be separated; it doesn't matter how hard one tries. Good and bad can also be understood in terms of a coin having two sides but only one side is visible at a time; like sides of a coin can be flipped.

The conception of the objective reality has thus evaporated not into the cloud of some obscure new reality concept, but into the transparent clarity that represents no longer the behavior but rather our knowledge of this behaviour. It is essentially subjective because the basic reality of the theory is our knowledge. In the words of Friedrich Nietzsche, there are no facts only interpretations.

There is no such thing as absolute truth or universal reality. Reality is contextual or relative, relevant in one situation and irrelevant in others. Albert Einstein opined reality as merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one. 

The same is true with the terms good and bad that cannot be demarcated. Morphine, a narcotic drug, is considered as curse but for the person suffering from cancer or other severe diseases having unbearable pain morphine as analgesic is a boon. Cutting of hand or leg out of violence in society is bad but same turns out to be good at operation table when doctor do it to save the life of a person. Water, the very essential for living also takes lives in the form of flood.

I heard a story of a man who had a horse. One day his horse went somewhere and didn't return. The man went sad and thought something bad happened. After three months all of a sudden his horse with some other 30 horses returned. He thought good happened. While riding on his horse the man fell down and got severely injured. At the same time war broke out with neighbouring countries and the king wanted every healthy individual to join army and fight for the country. The man due to severe injuries could not join the army and survived because his country was defeated and all the army men were brutually massacred. Now I give up to you to decide; is falling down from the horse and getting severe injuries really bad for that man?

Let me give you an example of a legend who in a survey conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers among the leading CEOs for most admired global leader ranked 2nd and is the only one in top 10 list who belonged to corporate world. He is Steve Jobs. He believed in positive outlook of life. In his famous speech delivered at Stanford University, he outlined some incidences of his life which according to others could be considered as worst things that could happen to person such as dropping out of a college in which tuition the entire savings of his parents were spent and firing out of a company which he started at his father's garage & nurtured from his sweat and blood to such a reputation as of 2 billion$ company with over 4000 staffs launching of Machintosh. But in his statement they are the best things that could ever happen to him because we could have deprived of the beautiful typography of modern computers as they are the result of his drop out from normal classes & joining of calligraphy classes instead and devoid of the first animated feature film 'Toy story', the best animated studio 'Pixar' and the technological renaissance that we witnessed after his return to Apple again as these are the results of developments occured in a company called 'Next' which he formed after his firing from apple.

So I would like you to recall your three worst things that happened to you according to yourself and rethink over them that whether are they really worst or somehow helped you in shaping your future? For better result of absorbing this nature of successful person, I recommend to write down on a piece of paper the new opinion that you find out after reconsidering. You can also analyse your day to day deeds at night before sleeping while lay down on bed and waiting to sleep.

Bad has no existence and good never ceases to be, the reality of both has been acknowledged by the seekers of success.
Bhagwad Geeta (Chapter II verse 16)

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